Akash Jain

Akash Jain

Hey, I am Akash. Born in the historic city of Agra in India, I am a theoretical physicist, working at the University of Victoria in Canada. I specialize in high energy physics and spend my time scribbling equations and turning them into academic publications. When not working, I keenly pursue web designing as a hobby, supplemented with reading, playing video games and chess, and occasional travelling. On certain weekends, I can be caught binge watching movies or a television series. I am fueled by the ambition of understanding the universe, the need to promote scientific thinking and the hunger for science fiction and fantasy media content.

Singularity '17

IISER Bhopal
Oct 13-15, 2017

During my time at IISER Bhopal, I helped shape an annual science festival organized by the institute called Singularity. Introduced in 2014, it aims at celebrating the fun and curious side of science, rather than its academic incarnation which is only too familiar in a research institute like IISER Bhopal. A big part of the project is also to bring in students from local schools and give them a taster session in science. I am proud to see how the festival has grown over the years, with its fourth installment taking place in October 2017. If you happen to be around, this is something not to be missed!

Visit: students.iiserb.ac.in/singularity.

YTF 10

Durham University
Jan 10-12, 2018

Here at Durham, we invite high energy physics PhD students from all over the UK for an informal conference - YTF, where we can discuss and share our research. Marking the 10th anniversary of YTF, we have decided to pump things up this year: we are bringing in two captivating plenary speakers instead of just one and are also adding an additional day to YTF making it a 3-day event, meaning all the more opportunities for us to share our research. See you there!

Register at: www.maths.dur.ac.uk/YTF.


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