AdS/CFT Correspondence

The AdS/CFT correspondence (also known as Gauge/Gravity duality or Maldacena duality) was proposed by Juan Maldacena in late 1997. According to the correspondence, a $(d+1)D$ gravity theory living in asymptotically AdS space is dual to a $(d)D$ conformal field theory living at the infinite boundary of the AdS space. This is a special case of the Holographic Principle, which states that all information about a $(d+1)D$ spacetime is contained in its $(d)D$ boundary and vice-versa. The AdS/CFT conjecture provides a strong technique to study highly coupled field theories using their higher dimensional weakly coupled gravity duals, which is highly non-linear and uncomputable otherwise because of high coupling constants.

I am interested in determining properties of various highly coupled condensed matter systems using the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Literature Contributions:

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