September 2018

Fluid dynamics provides an effective tool to understand slowly varying macroscopic near equilibrium systems. Liquids and gases are generally well described by the fluid approximation. In high energy physics relativistic and non-relativistic fluids have gained ample attention due to their applications in systems like quark-gluon plasma and cold-atoms. Fluids being near equilibrium, are treated in perturbative expansion of the derivatives of fluid parameters like velocities and temperature. A fluid at zero derivative order is termed as ideal fluid, while corrections due to derivatives are called dissipation (like viscosities and conductivities).

I study the properties of relativistic charged fluids high derivative orders, and constraint on various transport coefficients (like viscosities and conductivities) due to physical requirements. I also had been working on reduction of relativistic charged fluids to non-relativistic via a mathematical teqnique called Light Cone Reduction.

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